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Sugar Daddy Wanted to Help Transexual

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Cost of Transitioning

It is ridiculous what Kirsty as a transexual is having to fork out for her transition.  Most of you know the NHS is a waste of time – certainly in Edinburgh it is with the gender clinic closed down – oh that helps a lot – not!

When you add up the cost of hormone therapy, electrolysis, facial feminisation surgery, teeth (to make them girly!), private doctors which is required in order to diagnose and get blood work etc done for hormones and confirm you are transitioning and possible boob jobs.  Cost of letters from the private doctor in order to get your name changed with statutory declaration which you need to change other documents i.e. passport, driving licence which all cost money.

It is scary when you sit and total this amount up – goes into the multiple thousands of pounds!  You could probably buy a top of the range BMW cheaper than the cost of transitioning!

So if any of you want to be Kirst’s sugar daddy and help her with her transition – seriously she would appreciate it – in her own way lol !

Oh and here’s her wish list on Amazon if you fancy buying her a little treat :-) – just click on the link

Kirsty’s Wish List


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